Senior Staff Engineer | Startup Rotation Pioneer

Mike is the Startup Rotation Pioneer at Gradient Ventures.

He joined the team in its early days to help establish and pioneer the Startup Rotation Program - a unique opportunity that pairs seasoned Google Engineers with early-stage portfolio companies. Mike made the move after a long and diverse career at Google ranging from deep technical problem solving, leading teams and managing organizations.

His most recent imprints on the world include bringing Location History to life from 10 million to 500 million users on Google Maps, Google Now, and many other product surfaces. This feat was rife with machine intelligence problems at every [street] corner, large-scale sensory data collection, and real-time compute together with machine learning tasks. Mike also worked on Google+ Search, Personalization, WebSearch Ranking, and many special projects.

He joined Google right after his graduation from the University of Waterloo in Canada, where he developed an affinity for Machine Learning as part of their very first software engineering program cohort. While at Google, Mike continues to take classes at Stanford and seeks out learning opportunities - including intense one on one executive coaching engagements, mindfulness/presence practices, and the process of working through challenging technical situations.